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RobSiab Oh snap! One of the main reasons I love melodic hardcore/metalcore is the soaring atmospheres that support the crushing breakdowns and this album is a prime example of all the things I love in this (sub)genre! This is a must buy for fans of melody driven energetic music! Favorite track: Relic.
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released March 2, 2013

Mixed/Mastered by Eric Wickstrom



all rights reserved


To Release Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: The Giving Tree
I can’t compete.
Drop these double standards.
This world bleeds all that can’t be done together.
Give me something that I can be proud of.
I feel there’s no one left on earth that knows the meaning of coexist.
These days I wait for that moment.
Find that place in your heart.
As time goes on, I feel we’re all too far gone.
How will this work if we deplete more than we release?
Give me a reason why we would ignore what we can’t live without.
There’s so much ground to cover.
I won’t beat this luck to save my life.
And I stay out of luck.
I feel like nothing will ever solve this.
I know all this time is wasted.
I hold out for those indifferent.
Not those who stand on each others faces,
Aware that they’ve pushed persuasion.
I hate this place.
Not everyone here has to pray to your god.
Nothing will change.
Is this the height of this world I live by?
All these hopeless goals, swept away.
Track Name: Relic
Forget desire.
I only want what I can't have in this higher ground that surrounds me.
I've learned to let it go for all this time.
Now time is finally catching up to me.
Breathe out.
You've spent your whole life searching for your mold.
How is it you can't find your niche?
Is it in front of you?
Or just too late?
I won't forget to let go.
I left what's mine in the past.
This love will push to consume me.
Why would you walk out of my life?
Hold your head up high.
Can you tell me how to dream?
I pictured you in front of me.
Telling my life story.
While you lay next to me.
Tell me I'm everything.
You opened up your arms.
I can't watch you fucking go.
Why aren't you stand next to me?
I've always seen your true beauty.
This is the reason why I opened up this door to let you in.
I can love again.
Look at me.
Realize you can be trusted.
All this for you.
You must remember.
(As I go)
I've had longer days.
You've looked past my face.
(Would you reach and find a way?)
And I will never let this die.
I hope you know I can't turn around without your hips aligned with mine.
This world didn't mean shit until I let her know that.
Track Name: To Challenge The Sun
Pathetic world, what will it be today?
Another swing at reaching that fulfilling dream?
You have many people that you must impress.
It’s not an option, it’s the way we live.
Why stray towards causality when given this life you lead?
It doesn’t add up.
it won’t make sense to me.
Let go of all of these traits you’ve been hiding from yourself cause it hurts to see.
I can’t stand thinking you gave up when you’re dead.
Find me.
On this life built on broken souls.
Seems so intertwining.
I dread this day by day.
Knowing you’ve left this stage in hopes of happiness.
I wish the best for you.
When you’ve been gone from this earth with no closure.
You’re in my thoughts.
Break away from all this guilt.
You’re not the decider, nor will you ever be.
One last chance will never be.
Let go.
Let’s run with ease ever gradually as they will need to be set free.
This can’t work so naturally.
Before you go, let someone hear you out.
It can’t be easy knowing you're the one in doubt.
I guarantee you’re someone, and you'll find your way.
This can’t be simple, living these days on repeat.
I hate the rage death brings.
I hate those sleepless nights.
I hope this disease can be fucking stopped at once.
It’s becoming hard to keep this honest face.
I hope you hear this song, I wrote these words for you.
Track Name: Triumphant
I’m afraid to continue this path I’m taking.
This way is so dimly lit.
Take these fears I hold against myself, and take them on their way.
Picture this.
I’m heading nowhere fast, and I can’t continue to drag this weight that I hate.
Take this chance to become who you are.
No one can erase your footprints from the snow.
As if you can't find another way to see it.
Let's get real.
Show them where you stand.
You will remember that you're on your own.
And it hurts to walk alone.
Suddenly I can see I've let this happen.
The cold will strike you where you stand.
This is only the beginning.
This must change.
This has to change.
You’re no higher than the friends you’ve made.
Reality calls your name.
I'll leave this gate wide open.
I'll wait for life to carry on.
I can't let this world take my place.
I can't let myself be fake.
You’re no higher than the friends you’ve made.
Reality calls your name.
Refrain from judgment's appeal.
Face your mistakes.