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RobSiab Once again, To Release release (heh...) another banger of an album! Thick, layered melodies are loud and clear thanks to the great production and the drums provide the necessary punch! I love the fact that there is a bit of experimentation in some of the songs which makes them more memorable and interesting. A true gem for fans of melodic hardcore! Favorite track: Void.
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Teerapat P Nice Progressive Metal. Favorite track: Beneath The Moon.
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released May 12, 2015

Mixed & Mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings

Artwork by Peter Jamus



all rights reserved


To Release Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Void
Welcoming all of the memories that are gathered from my mind. Becoming a part of one that is easily forgotten mentally. Across a spectrum of stars that fill up the whole sky it's just after midnight. Being the void in my own life, my eyes find the moonlight as I break down my life. I found out nothing beyond stress and heartache. I try not to think of the pain. What does it matter? My brain is filled with doubt I can't ever sort out. And I think it's insane how I can't hold a smile when this is what to expect when giving yourself away. I'm doing all that I can to decipher a sudden lack of my meaning. Was I ever true to myself? It's not that I cannot find a way to accept this change. Change will no longer accept me, and that's the way it's gotta be. Breaking down the walls of my mind that I've always found to be a personal barricade that I made so my thoughts would never leave. I can sense I'm not alone. I am now dead inside my own mind cannot revive all what I've lost. I learned to let myself down. I am not through. I'm not through.
Track Name: Away And Brave
Waking up for the first time in what it seems like years. I dreamt about one of my greatest fears. A way I carried onward. I have a hard time placing words. What I saw was mindless. I saw myself painless. Now that I saw my own life portrayed through my own eyes, I do regret not saying goodbye to you. I gave a fighting chance. I can't imagine my value. For what it's worth. I can't imagine my value. I never meant to foresee my own demise. I let down all my life. I can see it right through their own eyes. Mindless. I am dead. Dead inside this world. I am free of the remedy. Purpose. Strung along. Dead inside this world. I am free of the remedy. I awake as the setting sun strikes my face. I feel the weight of all my children never alive to see this. Your father was mindless.
Track Name: Comfort
Onward. My decision to come back home was rushed. Only to find I had nothing. Only to find a sense of opportunity. This is where I will screw up. This is what I had unplanned everything important to me. Comfort wrapped around my fingers, but I delay the thought of grasping will when it's close. Once upon a time there was room to capture everything, but recently I mixed up a lot of what i can't live up to. Even if it's not my fault. Keeping a center of how I can impact a life is beyond me. Debating choices so that someone will grow to appreciate. Transfigure. Adapt to how we are. How we operate is so precious. So precious. So careful. Another step in the past amounts to nothing. Memories are better off dead, and always forgotten.
Track Name: Priorism
Crafting the perfect plan. Holding on to the foreseen I know is wrong. There is something I have to say about this, and you have to recognize. Cause it's taking a turn for the fucking worst. Where is the off switch now? Where can it be found? I am giving my time away, and I don't deserve it. Not to mention my mind begins to stir as I vary. You're gonna remember this unless my word has vanished. You're the man of the hour. Can you take it? Pillar of lies. This is what tragedy's about. Caught in my boundaries. Escaped in my ways. I cannot resume what I refuse to be. I've reached my point of uncertainty. These have been my actions. I've lost all my traction. Everyday I replay what I need from me. It's time to let go. Then it sinks in that I am truly trapped in me. Who the fuck am I? Shut all the light out. I cannot let this world see who I am. I'm not what I can be. I will be what i need.
Track Name: Deadwater
Caught in between what I thought was right. I have invested so much of my time. The hesitation involved nothing more than a sense of where I need to draw the line. Well spent days away have only shown to face the lies devalued of truth. I've reached for solace all my life, and I can't face the truth without forcing myself to void misuse. For what intention? Protection. I must arm myself. With better days far away I must show my backbone. I never imagined this. Overwhelmed and lonesome. Deep inside I feel the emptiness share a bond with my lack of pursuit. As they dance together inside my forever, I now know the power of my root. Just because I'm told the days get better, doesn't mean it's soon enough. For I have felt this for what seems forever. I can't force myself to rebuild. With my will to decay, I hope these days come soon. Forlorn. I stretch my arms out wide. Only to find myself wrapped around my desire to always hide. I can't run away. I've never felt so alone. As these days will fade, how many times will this question be made? Will I ever see those days? Will I ever see those better days?
Track Name: All That I Am
They tell me it will be just fine. Inches from the edge. They tell me it will be alright. I swear I'm doing all that I can. "Forget me" I said at the time, hoping we'd realign. I need a reason to forget it was all a fucking lie. I'm doing all that I can.
Track Name: Wanderer
To synchronize a path of well being, I'll need the presence of all that's true. Justification for all that is wrong. It's the least i can ever do. When will I catch up to myself? Who are you now? I've come to terms with all of my sanctions. When did I strive to be pushed aside? My thought process is turning. I'm yearning as I put forth my will to walk alone. Further than I've ever been from home. I'm lost with no anguish. Possible points of attack. Discretion I expect the most. Deciding who I am has never been so close. A product of what I have grown to hate. A fight within myself to carry on this road that is unknown. From nothing it's something I made for myself. My mind escaped from hell. I have found nothing. Escaped from my boundaries I wander by myself. Extracting life as a whole. Step by step. Everlasting.
Track Name: One World Less
A world for myself that's stored in the deepest of my dreams. No longer limited by the memories. Reality takes too much of everything. I know that if I dream it, that I can scheme it. This is so overdue. If it's not one thing, it's always something. Pages stick together like glue, to never again be reopened in spite of history. Making my way to the light over the course of my life. I can't imagine my life without time. This gravity will keep my here for the remainder of my life. This is me against the world, and I have chose to make my own. Please let me fall asleep. Please let me rest in peace. I'm not awake. For hours I cannot be. I am not. I cannot face your world in my fucking face. Your world is strangled by my fate. You've got a lot of shit to fix kid. I know you can't handle a battle for one. So go make yourself your own little world. You can live the life that you and her really could have had. Limited to the dreams facing the calm air. As I'm not the only fool in this world that refused to share a spot with the emptiness. It's all so secondhand. Making my way to the light over the course of my life. I can't imagine my life without time. This gravity will keep my here for the remainder of my life. This is me against the world, and I have chose to make my own. I cannot face reality through my eyes. I've made my own world for myself over time. A world only accessed through my deepest dreams. Where I know I can find her waiting for me. Behind your smiling face. Receiving a fictional kiss. Our world holds no wars. Even if it's only real through my eyes, I see just you and I.
Track Name: Sincerely Yourself
I often wonder if I did the right thing, or if all wrong has taken place. How am I sure when life's on playback every time when I'm alone? Assurance. All I lack shows all over. I tend to seek closure for all lost composure. How does one keep away from themselves? Another battle to stay happy takes a toll on me. Deciding whether to proceed is my reckoning. This is something that will never quit. This is not a choice for me. Staring at my thoughts vividly with myself standing next to me, when all I need is destiny.
I had a motive for all that I've done. There were no simple mistakes. I am the one. Transition. The sun's down. I maintain one vision. No control. Don't push these limits. Intrusive thoughts grow as light passes. Await the light unsure, and pass it. I am so scared of myself. A soul that was once so pure. I used to make myself happy. I've never missed myself so much. Dear myself I can't see you anymore, are you still with me? We never talk. Just thought that I would ask if you were happy. Open the door every now and again so you don't seem so empty. Just a thought from you to me, to I to you. Sincerely yourself. Through mistake to heartache, I can't take my mind's rate. I need you to listen to you. Listen to you.
Track Name: Nameless
I forced the apathy. Despite my timing, my life renewed. With the terror raised. Despite my timing. I ignored my chance for peace. I failed my life as a human being, to afford to be what I believed. Keep singing this song. Another day in my room trying to keep along. Keep singing this song. With the terror raised, I imagine my mind erased. Nameless. I don't know you. Don't own you. I can barely stand up straight. I can hold my glass up high to signify I'm still alive. Based off the time that the terror raised, I can emancipate at a steady rate. Based off of the time the terror raised, I put down my life. I filled up my drink. I left my life in the hands of my worst enemy. A famous time to die. To recollect a passing of my time. Take it. Drink it. Let me see the man you think you really ought to know. Can you take it there, or bring it close? It's the story that you never told. I'll keep my glass held high. Forecasting my hopes and dreams. Rest assured my transgressions pull me from the truth. With the terror raised. My mind erased. Looking down on myself from up above. From up above. In theory, I was looking down on myself from up above. At peace with time as I see my own name on the line. With the terror raised. My mind erased. Looking down on myself from up above.
Track Name: Memento
Are you happy? You made a fool of me. Ruined me, but I couldn't stay away. I need to live another day for myself. I don't need your help. I wouldn't have it any other way. It takes so long for human beings to show their true colors. They just tend to be darker than before. I dug a hole too deep to gain control. Not deep enough to sleep forever enticed without another sight of me. Another hour passes by without a doubt in my mind. A mental mind game that's become a major fault of mine. A motive of this isolation that created me. A creation made of everything that I have ever seen. In my time I paid the price. I drank away the best of me. I knew that I had put my life to shame. Because of this, I lost it all. I can't go back to stop myself. My feeble attempt to wash it all away. In the dead of the night I find myself staring in the mirror. What a dreadful picture. As I continue to slip away I lose memories I cherish. All a part of this plan that remains unfinished. So you think you can just wash it all away for another day? You think your life can be put off by all this booze? All for who? I need to place all of my certainties within myself. Not swallowed down with the truth that I forgot. Take it away. I am not a slave. I am not a slave to this way. Let this be the day. A memento for change. Now embrace it's stay. A memento for change. Now embrace it's stay. I am in control.
Track Name: Beneath The Moon
I wake up. Am I really awake? Possibly hallucinating. Dreading sleep. Every night hosts a nightmare that won't stop, and it's not fair. I'm not sure how much of this I can take. How much longer can I continue to accept this? To fake it. Well I can't accept this person I continue to be. There is not any room for no patience. Please take my body. With how little life that is left inside. Please bring me to a place that will reconcile my fate. All of the damage I have caused. Please bury me beneath the moon where I'll lay. Don't ever think of me. It will only cause you to believe that I am meant to be happy with the independence that was brought to me. Honestly there is nothing I could ever do to fix myself from not being what I need. Bury me under the moon so that I can see what belongs to me. This darkness I've achieved. All I need is to be free. Away from this, away from me. The moon will rise as I'm not meant to be.